The Island of Santorini Now in Urgent Need of Sustainable

Early in 2019, the eu Parliamentís transport Committee blasted Greek government for allowing tourism on Santorini to attain a point of complete saturation. The island, undeniably one of the worldís most iconic locations, has still now not addressed these issues and now seems to be present process a kind of character suicide. The uncontrolled tourism inflow to the island is now now tearing at the social and cultural material of what's clearly one of the incredible wonders of the sector. Santoriniís nearly Unstoppable Flood of travelers A journalist friend of mine from Moscow on vacation in Crete, back lately to the island after an afternoon ride to Santorini. Curious as to how she and her husbandís facet journey had gone, I requested Ramilya Gilyazova, who works as a tv manufacturer at Channel 360 in Moscow, approximately their Santorini experience. i used to be more than a little astonished whilst she responded, ìIt became terrific except for having to appearance straight up to see matters.î Of route, she supposed that the island changed into so crowded that catching an unobstructed view of any of its wonders proves difficult.

This turned into not what I expected to pay attention from a person who lives and works in one of the globalís busiest towns. Ramilyaís honest evaluation cued me to dig deeper into the general state of affairs of tourism saturation on Santorini. The day after my Russian buddyís revelation, I called my top friend Rebecca Shevaki, considered one of Europeís most successful boutique tour providers, to get an insiderís standpoint.